Nobody Reads Anymore


Students tell me all the time that they don’t read. Yet they spend endless time parked in front of a computer. I know they’re not spending all that time watching YouTube or playing games. Heck, even most computer games require a fair amount of reading. Then there’s the fact that nearly every waking moment spent away from a computer is spent with their face buried in another electronic screen. They’re reading; they simply may not be reading anything of quality.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: A student asked me today if I read all the books in my office.
BEARD: What did you tell him?

HOBO: I read the good ones. And then he asked how did I know which ones were the good ones? So I said I read all the bad ones first and then I was only left with the good ones.
BEARD: What was his reaction?

BILLY: My professor admitted he's only read half his books! And they expect us to read? Reading is for chumps.
RICK: Yeah! Oh, wait, I got a text message...


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