Sure, most of a university is now completely dependent upon the Internet for their very survival, but an English department somehow manages to survive without. Well, should at least. This is fantasy, after all.

The Mole character introduced here was created years ago for a web site project that never quite took off. We knew eventually we’d get some use out of him, or at least we’d like to believe we had that foresight. Still cool to finally see him pop up somewhere.

↓ Transcript
TROLL: Why must we toil away in obscurity!
MOLE: Yeah, we have college diplomas just the same as them!

TROLL: And we majored in fields that even seemed relevant at the time!
MOLE: Wonder what they'd do if their precious Internet went down?

BEARD: Internet's down, again.
HOBO: Guess I'll get back to reading my book.


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