Occupy Wall Street


This is how I often feel with students. I know they’re not entirely listening at any given moment, but what surprises me is that they’re not listening to people other than me. So something like Occupy Wall Street doesn’t even register when I say it because they’ve heard it somewhere else before. At least I don’t personally feel as bad.

↓ Transcript
BILLY: What was that thing we were supposed to research for class? Something about occupying New York?
TREY: You mean Escape from New York?

VICTORIA: Or Autumn in New York?
AMANDA: No, I think it was a specific place in New York.

JIMMY: Like The Muppets Take Manhattan?
RICK: Or Jason Takes Manhattan?

MEGAN: No, but Amanda's right. It was some place in New York.
BILLY: Like Wall Street?

TREY: Yeah.
AMANDA: That sounds right.
JIMMY: Sure.

HOBO: I've got twenty papers talking about how crazy hot either Charlie Sheen or Daryl Hannah are!
BEARD: Crazy sounds appropriate.


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