Old Boyfriends


It should be common knowledge by now that the sole purpose for most people of social networking is to keep up with the Jonses.  It’s like the ultimate form of reality television, you get to spy in on every detail of a person’s life and compare how much worse it is than yours.  This is especially true for old boyfriends and girlfriends.

Rick’s dog is slowly becoming a recurring character, but yet appears to lack the power of speech that Mr. Mittens possesses.  Odd.

↓ Transcript
MEGAN: You're not addicted to this Badger Friends.com thing too, are you?
AMANDA: I'm checking up on the status of all my old boyfriends. See, I created an agent that tracks all of their romantic status updates.

MEGAN: What's going on with Billy? His status is changing every few seconds.
AMANDA: I'm worried about him. I think he's really going through some rough times. Maybe I should call?

JIMMY: Uh, Rick. Your dog is all over Billy's laptop.
RICK: He'd better be. He's got a paper to type for me.


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