Old School Scary


One of my favorite revelations to bestow upon a class is the fact that teenagers before them had sex. This is a shock to most, even if they deny it. To test this, ask students if teen sex and pregnancy rates are a bigger issue today than twenty years ago, and almost all will incorrectly identify them as so.

Telling them there was pop music back then, as well, is only slightly less unsettling.

↓ Transcript
EXECUTIVE: I'm sorry, but I don't think I can finance your horror movie.
MITTENS: Why not?

EXECUTIVES: Killers wearing masks? That's old school. Kids have moved on. They're into video games and Justin Bieber, Silly Bandz and Lady Gaga! This script is scarily outdated.

KID 1: Someone was handing out something called Pogs. And they have a woman on them whose head looks like it's on fire called the Lauper!
KID 2: We should check if the doors are locked.


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