One German Word


Every test in life should be as simple as naming one word in a foreign language. In high school a friend and I would torment our Spanish teacher in a similar fashion. He had the class play a game where we each had to say a word in Spanish or get eliminated from the game. We refused to use words not on Taco Bell’s menu.

↓ Transcript
BILLY: Summer school survival tip two? Summer classes are for those who can't pass regular classes, or those crazy overachievers trying to graduate early.

KLOWNUS: Come on, just give me one word in German and I'll pass you with a D. We've been here weeks and you just need one word!
GUY: Taco?

WOMAN: Professor, Cullen just used Morse code to tap out "doof." He really needs this credit if he's going to get into a good preschool.


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