Original Hacking Tool


People will often ask me how to do elaborate things using a computer, and usually their answer is quite simple–just not fancy like maybe they hoped. For example, sometimes people want to transition, or change, elements on a PowerPoint slide. There are ways to animate and do this, but it’s usually much simpler and just as effective to copy the first slide and make your changes onto a second slide. It usually has the same desired effect, but of course, doesn’t let you inappropriately use the term “hacking” with it.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Professor, each time I press this button the slides advance by one.
HOBO: Yep, that's how it works.

RICK: What if I want it to advance two slides at once?
HOBO: It doesn't do that.

RICK: I bet I could hack it to do it.
HOBO: Yes, or you could press the button twice. You know, the opposable thumb is the original customization tool.


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