Paper Mill


Today’s comic originates from a real-life incident, but not one in my own classroom.  See how that frees me from ethical responsibility?  This is akin to saying I know how someone was murdered, but I was not directly involved.

Students come up with bizarre explanations for cheating.  Professor Hobo’s stunned one-word reactions seemed the most fitting for anyone who’s ever taught.  Often you’re left so dumbfounded by the explanations that you can’t muster an intelligent response.

↓ Transcript
STUDENT: Professor, for our research papers can I use one I wrote for an online paper mill?
HOBO: What?

STUDENT: You know, one of those sites where students pay to buy papers instead of write them? Well, I wrote some of those papers, so it would be my own work.
HOBO: Really?

STUDENT: You'll have to pay $7.95 to grade it, though.


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