Pharaoh’s Suite


I often hear preachers talk of the magnitude of Joseph’s faith.  I often wonder about the smallness of his humanity.  What must it be like to be given something so great, and in the process denied something so small, yet seemingly important?  Something most could never quite get over.  I wonder what kind of man Joseph must have been to do so.  And that, inspires me.

Merry Christmas, folks.

↓ Transcript
JOSEPH: I'd like to give that manager a word or two over this so-called pharaoh's suite. We're in a barn!
MARY: Joseph!

JOSEPH: Don't be angry. I'm not mad at you. It's just...the principle of the matter. You know me, it's not like I go into every business trying to tell them how to run the place. But this place, wow, we're never staying here again, that's for sure.
MARY: No, the baby. I'm having the baby.

WISE MAN 1: Great, now we're completely lost. Everyone's going to laugh.
WISE MAN 2: And that stupid star has been in my eyes all night blazing like the sun. It's blinding me!
WSIE MAN 3:'s been there ahead of us...all night?


MARY: Isn't he wonderful? A perfect little angel.
JOSEPH: Yes, he's quite remarkable.
MARY: What's wrong Joseph?

JOSEPH: Our child. Our son. And yet, he is nothing of me. He may have your eyes or your chin, but what will he have of mine?
MARY: How much more could a man want his son to favor him, than to realize that he himself was created in his son's image?


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