Physics Is Important


This is a continuation of our Fox executive storyline.  It adds valuable back story to the second panel, though it works without it all the same.  While we certainly have nothing against universities offering classes students might actually want to take, there comes a point.  Children love dentists who treat them with candy and ice cream.

This marks only the second main appearance in a strip for our beloved Science Professor, though he has had many cameos.

↓ Transcript
CZAR: Our new registrar has suggested making cuts in the physics department.
SCIENCE: But physics is important!

CZAR: That was fine for the old university, but now we're all about popular over important. Any university can hire talented people to teach interesting, thought provoking courses! We want to have courses that bring in the students.

SCIENCE: Fine, what am I teaching now?
CZAR: Crime Scene Investigation Techniques and So You Think You Can Evolve?


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