Pocket Gadget Size


I understand the desire for a bigger screen on a cell phone, but there has to be a limit, right? I mean, I don’t particularly care to start carrying a separate bag just for my phone. And at some point you just start looking silly holding that thing against your head. I suppose it makes sense for people who rarely use it as a phone and are more interested it as a tablet, but then why not just get a tablet and use Skype on those rare occasions you need to make a phone call?

↓ Transcript
RICK: Check it, my new phone has a five inch screen!
BILLY: Oh yeah? Well, mine has a six inch screen.

TREY: Mine has a seven inch screen.
RICK: Wow, that sounds huge!

TREY: Yeah, women dig it.
MEGAN: Ugh, please. It's all about what it can do and not the size!


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