Poor Dating Habits


Guys love to pile on the complaints of women only dating bad boys. Of course, most men only judge women by exterior appearances. Point? Both sexes are shallow and largely responsible for their own dating problems. Still, it makes for great explanations on why everyone else’s dating philosophy is so wrong.

↓ Transcript
MEGAN: Axle never returns my calls. Rod never pays for anything...even himself! Jack is only interested in sex. Fender hates my friends. Grille is a hood. And Shock has no drive or ambition!

BILLY: Of course all the guys you date are terrible, because you only date "bad boys"! You ignore nice guys for guys you know will treat you poorly. Stop dating losers who don't appreciate you! It makes me value you less.

RICK: Are you dating a car? Because I could use a ride to work.


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