I don’t personally hate PowerPoint.  The truth is, we’ve had so few meaningful interactions that it’s difficult for me to draw any real conclusions about our relationship.  Instead, PowerPoint and I exist in a nebulous cloud of undeterminable status.  It is both tragic and forgettable, at once.

Now, please bear with me for my 40 slide presentation which will approximately say the same thing.

↓ Transcript
MEGAN: I'm really excited about my presentation for class today! I stayed up all night working on the PowerPoint to go along with it!

MEGAN: I searched Google's Life Magazine archives and found all these images to go along with it. Then, I used Amazon's Search Inside the Book feature to research all these books I couldn't find at the local library. I even found some videos online that I was able to annotate and include! It's about 100 slides long, but it's awesome. I just need to download it from my email.

HOBO: My laptop appears to have committed hara-kiri rather than face your project. If it's any consolation, it used to cut itself when I opened PDFs.


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