Press Start


David deserves a lot of credit for getting this one done.  It may not seem like a lot of work, but getting from the conceptual point to this was a massive undertaking.  If you were unaware, the strip parallels the actual God of War video game fairly close.

Yes, this strip is filled with lots of grammar jokes that only nerds will appreciate.  We prefer to think of it as possibly a fun way to teach kids grammar, which of course, seems to be in clear contradiction to our last strip where we mocked “learning is fun” ideas.

↓ Transcript
EDITH: Noah Webster, I have been sent by the gods of language to implore you to help us. My name is Edith Wharton, and we need you to kill William Bullokar, the god of grammar.
NOAH: I will bring you his head.

TITLE CARD: Level One - Dangling Modifiers
NOAH: Tell me who finished dinner!

TITLE CARD: Level Two - Split Infinitives
NOAH: The only place you belong quickly is in Hell!

TITLE CARD: Level Three - Parallel Structure
NOAH: When I get to the top of this cliff I'll kill Bullokar, maim Wharton, and eviscerate the gods of language!

NOAH: I've killed more gerunds than any man should ever have to. I looked in their eyes while I snuffed out the last visages of life! All to get here to you, Bullokar.
BULLOKAR: Whoa, you would not believe the day I've had.


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