Reach for the Future


I’m intrigued by where Microsoft takes this franchise next. Halo: Reach is a great game, but I’m not sure a new developer can do much but ruin the perfect balance they currently have. I think Halo is more about balance than just about any other game series currently out there (except maybe a fighting game like Street Fighter).

This strip went through several rewrites before finally settling on this version. One of the other versions was simply an expanded version of this strip, but the joke felt like it went on too long.

↓ Transcript
SUIT 1: We're interested in some of your computer science students designing our next Halo game. The title is Halo: Reich.
SCIENCE: Wait, like a reference to Nazis?

SUIT 2: No, what do you take us for--monsters? We'd also like to simultaneously develop Halo: Hover-train Simulator.
SUIT 1: "Make them run on time, or suffer the consequences!" What do you think of that as a tag line?

SCIENCE: You sound like a bunch of fascists!
SUIT 2: I suppose that means you're not interested in Halo: Tiberium Square? You use a Scorpion Tank to run down protesting Grunts.


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