Reach for the Present


I long ago gave up on explaining any video game to a non-player. The truth is that most are beyond ridiculous when given a moment or two of thought.

It’s also always enjoyable to note that you’re the bad guy when you think you’re the hero.

↓ Transcript
AMANDA: So what is the point of this Halo game? Just shoot and kill everyone?

JIMMY: Basically, it's about a bunch of religious guys cruising through the galaxy trying to convert everyone.
AMANDA: Like Jesus and his disciples?

JIMMY: Sort of. But they're called the Covenant and carry around these plasma swords.
AMANDA: Jesus wouldn't carry a sword.

JIMMY: Right, Jesus is more like the Forerunners. They're the ancient guys the Covenant worships.
AMANDA: So, the Covenant is more like the United Methodist Church?

JIMMY: I guess. But you play the guys trying to kill them.
AMANDA: You try to kill the Methodists? What are you, an Episcopal?

JIMMY: Wow, when you put it that way this game is kind of messed up.
AMANDA: Do you burn their holy book, too?


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