Recovering the Economy


It’s a rough economy out there, and we’ve all got to do what we can to help it out.  This is the rationale for some, and that some just so happens to usually be the ones killing the economy in the first place.  Help it out by buying more junk you don’t need, and not saving a dime.

Of course, in reality, Mr. Mittens is helping the economy.  He’s driving down the costs of health care while also creating a whole new market segment.  And he’s a cold blooded killer, so he’s got that going for him, as well.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: Where have you been?
MITTENS: Recovering the economy.

HOBO: How?
MITTENS: You know that new organic grocery store, Orgasmnic Foods, that opened around the corner? Those people will buy anything.


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