Return and Exchange


With a majority of students seeing the sole purpose of college being to get a piece of paper, maybe there should be returns and exchanges? It’s not like you need to actually know anything about history to teach it, or have an idea about nuclear energy to help run a plant that works with plutonium!

↓ Transcript
DUDE: I'd like to return this diploma.
MEGAN: What seems to be the problem?

DUDE: The problem is that it hasn't done me any good in the years since I graduated. I want to exchange it for a more useful degree.
MEGAN: Sir, you can't exchange degrees. Besides, did you check the crest? It does say, "Caveat emptor."

DUDE: No it doesn't It says "Caveat venditor."
MEGAN: "Seller beware?" We probably shouldn't have hired our own graduate to design the crest.


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