Santa Claws


Christmas is wonderful, but it sure is stressful with all kinds of things that can go horribly wrong. One such thing that can go horribly wrong is dressing your pets up for the holidays. It isn’t that anything in particular will happen, but it’s more that you simply never should do this.

Just like most people should only play Dance Central behind close doors where there’s no chance anyone else will ever see. Ever.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: You hired a cat to play Santa this year?
EMPLOYEE: All the recent scandals mean we couldn't trust a grown man playing Santa anymore.

BEARD: But what about the kids that are allergic to cats?
EMPLOYEE: Luckily there's a strong correlation between being allergic to cats and being Jewish!

KID: Santa Claws, I'd like Xbox with Kinect for Christmas!
MITTENS: Kid, you're white and male. Trust me, I'm saving you some grief from playing Dance Central.


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