Science Mumbo Jumbo


Mock climate change deniers, mention God, and make everyone angry all in one strip! Seriously, there are simply some truths that are bewildering to see people still in denial over. The recent backlash against birth control is so strange. Unless you’re a family of twenty with your own reality show, pretty much every family in America uses birth control. This shouldn’t even be a debate.

↓ Transcript
PROTESTOR: Two, four, six, eight, Curie's lies don't radiate!
MEGAN: How can you be protesting the pill?

PROTESTOR: We've seen no proof the pill prevents pregnancy! This is simply science mumbo-jumbo like vaccines preventing polio, or aerosol preventing an inhabitable climate!

MEGAN: Wow, they reassured my faith. Because at this point, I think only God can help them.


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