Good films like the She-Witch series (yes, completely fictional) simply do not get made anymore. Sure, there are still bad direct-to-DVD films being made, but series like She-Witch used to actually make it into theaters. That’s a shame, because all it leaves us with is yearly Saw retreads instead. You hear me, Michael Bay? Get to work on She-Witch!

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: Amanda, come watch the She-Witch marathon with us!
AMANDA: Aren't all witches shes?
RICK: Not the male ones.

AMANDA: Wouldn't those be warlocks?
JIMMY: No, those are the guys from The Time Machine.
AMANDA: Those are Morlocks, with an "M."

AMANDA: Ugh, never mind.
JIMMY: Why do women hate horror movies?
RICK: I don't think they understand them.


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