Slasher Films


Unfortunately the first half of this strip is not a joke.  Watch those old slasher films again and you start to get the distinct impression that they’re all about dirty old men.  So, they’re films about dirty old men preying on teenage girls that we send our teenage girls to go enjoy as entertainment.  Makes even the cheesy slasher films a lot more disturbing, doesn’t it?

I hope we find a way to bring back these Halloween costumes at some point.  Maybe they’ll do a musical Jason Vs. Freddy?

↓ Transcript
TREY: You know how all the old slasher films are about teenagers being punished for premarital sex?
MEGAN: Sure.

TREY: And all the killers in those films are basically adult men wandering around in costumes hacking up teenagers, right?
MEGAN: Right. They're basically about sexually frustrated pedophiles.

RICK: If I had a claw like that I wouldn't risk it. I'd just tell all the kids if they want the candy, they'll have to reach in my pants to get it themselves!


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