Something Stinks


Sometimes strip ideas come completely out of left field. I thought it was funny if they just gave up searching and stuck an animal in the place of the dean. I wondered how long until someone noticed? Then I started considering what would delay that discovery, and a skunk’s smell would seem to be the safest bet. No one wants to meet the new boss–especially if they stink.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: How is your hiring committee coming along?
BEARD: We're done.

HOBO: Already? How is that even possible?
BEARD: We found a skunk and bought it a child's suit to wear. It's in its new office now, and no one's going near that smell.

HOBO: That must be a frightening sight, too.
BEARD: Like the love child of Cher and Angus Young from AC/DC.


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