Spin Control


From experience, I know sometimes trying to work PR in a situation looks a lot like this.  Of course, that’s made even worse when the two people trying to spin a story are equally stupid and evil, as they are here.

What will be the eventual fate of Coach T?  Most likely everyone will forget about him when a new scandal, or strip, emerges.

↓ Transcript
CZAR: Look, all you have to do is apologize to the media.
COACH T: For what?

CZAR: We're not going over this again. You made a mistake, you were just trying to help his concussion, and you didn't realize he was gay.
COACH T: Who's gay?

CZAR: Thad! The player you kept in the closet!
COACH T: Whoa, whoa! How am I keeping this kid in the closet if I didn't even know he was gay? Should I even ask how you knew? Maybe you're the one who should be talking to the media.


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