Have you ever been to an art show?  They’re fairly similar to homeless shelters, but without as good of food.  That being said, there aren’t usually too many homeless people at them.  Art museums, on the other hand, give you your own homeless person to escort you through the exhibits.  It’s useful.

Why does Professor Hobo not turn at the art exhibit?  I’m afraid out fair professor may have spent too much time teaching and transformed from hobo to academic.  Toss up which is more useless.

↓ Transcript
FEMALE PROFESSOR: Megan, you have no idea what an honor it is for our university to play host to this remarkable art exhibit!

FEMALE PROFESSOR: Jean Ricardo is one of the world's most respected photographers, and this exhibit on squatters is truly enlightening.
MEGAN: Great Professor, what do you need me to do?

FEMALE PROFESSOR: A free art exhibit really bring out the riffraff. Clear out all these bums before the reception tonight.


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