Status Updates


Status updates are the bane of common decency.  The constant pressure to update one’s status means that people inevitably turn to easy, convenient, and thoughtless manners in which to do so.  Not that music lyrics are the worst thing someone could post, but then again, neither are they particularly adding to anyone’s thoughts beyond what Amanda is expressing here.

Jimmy has a real problem with talking while chewing.  That’s a dead end street, man.

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: What are you doing Rick?
RICK: Nobody was commenting on my status updates on Badger!

RICK: So. now I'm updating random song lyrics. One line at a time. Twelve times a day.

AMANDA: Hey, I remember Right Said Fred! I'm gonna "Like" his status update. And I remember Bell Biv DeVoe, too! It's like he has a direct line into a long forgotten part of my memory. Creepy awesome!


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