Student Loan Repayment Plan


I’ve always figured if you take very educated young people and give them an insurmountable challenge (repaying student loans), someone would figure out a way around it–or at least a manner in which to exploit it.

Yes, the listed method here wouldn’t work. It’s a joke. Don’t try this stuff at home, kids.

↓ Transcript
HORSE: Congratulations young man. Any plans for after graduation?
GRADUATE: I've got a system to pay off all my student loans.

GRADUATE: Since I can't declare bankruptcy to get rid of my school loans, I'm simply going to pay them off with credit cards.
HORSE: I don't think that will work.

GRADUATE: Nah, it's fine. Because then I'm going to enroll in grad school to take out more loans to pay off those credit cards. By the time I'm done, they'll be calling me Dr. Deadbeat.


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