Summer Movies


Adam Sandler–how the mighty have fallen! It’s not that Sandler ever exactly made great films, but at least they were entertaining at one point. Now he doesn’t even appear to try, which is always sad with any artist (if you can call Sandler such). It would be fun if occasionally he still tried to do a real movie in between all the garbage.

↓ Transcript
BEARD: I can't wait to see all the summer movies this year. Batman looks great!
KLOWNUS: Yeah, I guess. I just hope we finally learn more about Alfred.

BEARD: The butler? I guess. I'm also really excited for The Avengers.
KLOWNUS: Sure, who isn't? Maybe we'll finally get some story development for Hawkeye!

BEARD: Do you just hate movies?
KLOWNUS: No! I'm really excited for Adam Sandler's new film!


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