Tea Party


Everything done at universities is for retention.  Locking students away in castle turrets is for retention, and it actually works!  I figure most administrators could justify almost anything with that one little magic word.

No harm was meant to the great people at Lipton.

↓ Transcript
FEMALE: The "Truth Circles" are not working out. The students hate them. They're ready to revolt.
CZAR: But they're great for retention and our bottom line. What have they said?

FEMALE: Some have been talking of seizing the next shipment of tea from the cafeteria.
CZAR: The good people of Lipton brand iced tea will not stand for this!

FEMALE: Did you just product place in the middle of our meeting?
CZAR: These students may consider themselves quite the free radicals protesting things, but isn't it reassuring to know Lipton brand iced tea contains flavonoids to combat them?


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