The Beaver


While semi-based on a real event, the idea for this strip stems more from the buddy road comedy movies that we both love.  You know, except that they’re usually not wearing cowboy hats.  Or riding a carousel.  Or breaking into a mall.  But otherwise, very reminiscent.

I think Jimmy maybe needs to always wear a cowboy hat.

↓ Transcript
BILLY: Rick, these so-called disguises aren't going to fool anyone! And what's so cool that you thought this was worth our spring break?
JIMMY: I can't see a thing! I'm like a country Ray Charles!

BILLY: Rick, that's a carousel with a beaver.
RICK: Who wants to straddle and ride the beaver, first?

BILLY: This somehow manages to be the most single most disturbing and pornographic act of debauchery we have ever committed as frat guys.
TOM: Awesome.


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