The Christmas Snake


I love the idea of a snake being the hero of Christmas.  Yes, there is a sort of in-your-face Bible quality to it, but that isn’t the charm for me.  Snakes are so feared and hated in most of society that I love the concept of them being the most integral part to the most beloved holiday.  There’s a certain poetic beauty to it.

Lizards, on the other hand, are best relegated to very brief mentions in “Holiday” specials.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Megan, check it! I wrote a book for kids! The Christmas Snake! It's all about this snake that helps Santa!
MEGAN: With what?

RICK: You know, hanging tinsel, distracting mongooses, and stuff.
MEGAN: I might have to celebrate Hanukkah this year.

RICK: Then you'll love its companion book, The Hanukkah Lizard! He loses his head to a mole, but don't worry it grows back.


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