The Fleshers Strike Back


In films little kids always cower and hide away from dangerous fiends.  In reality, I think many little kids would react like the girl here.  Children tend to be completely self-absorbed, and no super villain is going to get in their way of seeing Hannah Montana!

And where did Electronika get that cookie?  Does she carry them around with her at all times?  The mind boggles.

↓ Transcript
ELECTRONIKA: Mwa ha ha ha ha! Suffer, fleshers.
LITTLE GIRL: You're a bad...a bad...a really not nice corporeal manifestation of an abstract concept!

LITTLE GIRL: Because of you I couldn't get online and buy my Hannah Montana concert tickets!

ELECTRONIKA: Umm, well, don't cry. Have a cookie!
LITTLE GIRL: I'm diabetic!


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