The Importance of Being Batman


I always feel this way when someone starts telling me the importance of some video game or movie. Sure, many are culturally significant, but rarely are they as important to the world as they are to the individual. And usually even then they’re not nearly as important to that person as they at first believe.

In other news, that guy playing Batman was pretty awesome.

↓ Transcript
BILLY: Rick, we've got problems. You know the guy who played Batman in a couple of Six Flags ads in the late 90s? He can't make it.
RICK: He was our keynote!

BILLY: Maybe we can dress someone else up in the costume?
RICK: No! Nobody would ever be able to fake that performance. It was solid gold!

VICTORIA: I doubt anyone remembers those ads.
RICK: Right, no one remembers the defining moment of our generation!
BILLY: Good one.


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