The jPhone


Personally I can’t wait to see the new iPhone. Not because I expect it to change my life, but because Apple has become such a bellwether for the industry. They usually don’t get there first, but they’re a pretty good indicator where the rest of the industry will follow. Though if all we see is a wider screen, they may be abdicating that position. Ask Blackberry and Nokia how that worked out for them.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Check it! It's an ad for Apple's revolutionary new phone!
TREY: New cell phones aren't revolutions. They're all evolutions of the last new one announced two weeks ago. No cell phone is the Second Coming!

ANNOUNCER: The phone Jesus wishes he would have called home on. This would have changed everything.

JESUS: Father, why hast thou forsaken my call?
THEIF: You should FaceTime chat with him on the revolutionary new wider screen!


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