The Lab


This strip is basically a theory that I’ve had for a while–scientists really hate mice.  Why else would you go into a field that spends a large amount of time torturing the poor creatures?  Oh, sure, to save lives, but not mouse lives.  Look people, I’m not saying it’s wrong, but there is certainly no denying that scientists just really want to kill mice.

I like that the mice are asking the audience for help.  What have you done?

↓ Transcript
SCIENCE: Amanda, I am so glad you were willing to put some extra hours in here at the lab.
AMANDA: Anything to bring my biology grade up.

SCIENCE: We're going to be pumping second-hand smoke into this cage and I need you to monitor how long it takes to kill the mice.
AMANDA: That's horrible, but I guess it's all necessary in the name of science. Right, Doc?

SCIENCE: Necessary? Heavens no! I just really hate mice. Can't stand the vermin! Now, as for those kittens over there...


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