The Perfect Mask


I often find myself in these types of conversations. Someone finds a small nugget of something that seems like logic, and they absolutely refuse to let go. It’s, of course, a losing proposition to argue, so they continue on their merry way perceiving it as actually logical. This is how we ended up with people in the suburbs who think they need to drive a Hummer.

On another note, this actually isn’t a bad idea for a movie. Someone dresses up as Freddy Krueger and kills people, until the real Freddy shows up. Wait, didn’t they already do that one? I’m fairly confident it was the plot to one of the Scream films.

↓ Transcript
RICK: I found the perfect mask for the killer!
MITTENS: Rick, that's a Freddy Krueger mask.

MITTENS: So there's already been movies with Freddy as the killer.

RICK: Yeah, but that was his face. This time it's a mask.
MITTENS: I hate it when idiots find an ounce of logic on their side.


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