The Social Network


Dorks simply cannot win. Even when they become billionaire manipulators of the world, they still have people making movies about what dorks they are. Worse, the movies are written by other dorks. It’s dork on dork violence. Can’t we all just get along to a Dungeons and Dragons convention?

↓ Transcript
TREY: I finally saw that movie The Social Network.
(Rick, Megan, Mr. Mittens like this)
JIMMY: How was it?

TREY: Basically it was a lot like high shcool, in that a bunch of nerds overachieve while we all sit back and talk about how weird they are.
AMANDA: And how much we hate them for being so weird? LOL

TREY: Right, only now we do it on Facebook, so they make billions from our harassment.
BILLY: Dorks.


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