The Symbolism of Red


Students only hearing half of what a professor says isn’t always a problem. They may simply not understand an assignment and get a lower grade, but nobody dies. Still, there are those times where hearing every detail matters. Those are the times the professor rants on about a single concept for three or four weeks.

The color red as a symbol probably isn’t one of those life or death instances, but you certainly won’t sound as dumb if you hear it all.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: The color red can symbolize passion or lust in books. Hence, The Scarlet Letter. Or it can symbolize blood, and therefore life and death in other works. Hence, The Masque of the Red Death.

RICK: So you're saying Jesus' words in red in the Bible represent lust?
BILLY: Well, he did hang around with hookers.

HOBO: They hear about half of what I say--if I'm lucky. I'm not sure why I try.
BEARD: Were you brave enough to ask which ones were the hookers? Cause I've got five bucks on their answer including a house elf.


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