The Television We Deserve


I often see this opinion expressed that television is dumbed down for the masses. What people hate to hear is that they are the masses. Nobody wants House or CSI to be 100% authentic, or they’d be boring messes that only people with medical degrees could follow.

↓ Transcript
TREY: Television would be better if shows were written for nerds.
BEARD: Have you ever seen a writers' room?

BEARD: Do you seriously believe all the cool kids and jocks are the ones who end up writing for a living? When's the last time you walked into a cool looking English classroom?
TREY: Then why do they dumb so many of their references down?

BEARD: Because nobody likes to be outside the loop on a joke. How much do you know about science? Religion? Politics? History? Literature? Music? There's little fun in a show that has one joke per episode for people who hold a graduate degree in each respective field.
RICK: Charlie Rose is my favorite sitcom!


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