The Time Traveling Dater


Of course, there are worse outcomes to dating while time traveling. You could be like Fry on Futurama and become your own grandfather. I think that was how it went, at least (I assume the Internet will quickly correct me in the comments below if wrong).

Still, as a way of thinking positively, I like the time travel outlook.

↓ Transcript
TREY: Every time I want to ask a girl out, I get nervous and don't know what to say to her!
BILLY: Pretend you've already asked her out and she said no.

BILLY: That way you're not expecting a yes, but if she does happen to agree you can be excited that you've just participated in changing the past through time travel!

TREY: She said yes. But I got so excited, I kind of spazzed out until she corrected the space-time continuum.
BILLY: *GASP* You mean she was the time traveller?


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