The Trouble With Girls


There’s a very select group of males who think this way. Sure, every male thinks “It’s her, not me” at some point, but there’s a very select group who think this way all the time. They’re insufferable.

↓ Transcript
PANDER: Hey Billy, did you ask that girl out?
BILLY: Yeah, but she said no.

PANDER: It's okay, man. You know, girls are just really shallow. Someday she's going to realize she passed up a great guy and regret this. She'll probably end up with some loser and who doesn't treat her right. Meanwhile, you're the quiet type of romantic who would fight for her honor and whisk her away to impassioned lovemaking that would meet all of her needs.

BILLY: You're pushing it a bit.
PANDER: See, you're too smart for her. You've got it all figured out.


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