Three Foolish Men


Mr. Mittens filled in for us this week.  He does this of occasion when we’re on vacation, or else just bored doing the strip.  Some might argue the strip improves in quality the weeks he does it, and to that we’d say, “Mom, get off the Internet!”

This is the beginning of a three strip storyline that will culminate in the most important event in the history of man—us finding out what we got for Christmas!  Oh yeah, something else important is likely to happen, but don’t look at us.

↓ Transcript
MITTENS: David and Justin are on holiday break this week, so they've asked me to step in and draw the strip for them. I was having trouble thinking of ideas, so I figured I'd do what most students do when they don't have an original thought in their heads--I plagiarized.

WISE MAN 1: Are you sure this is the right way? If we're late everyone's going to laugh and call us the three foolish men.
WISE MAN 2: We're fine. The GPS says he should be just over that hill.

WISE MAN 1: Great, a camel is our lord and savior.
WISE MAN 2: Look, I've had just about enough of your attitude!

WISE MAN 3: This GPS looks like it doesn't even work. It's showing four destination points.
WISE MAN 1: That's not even a GPS! That's a motion tracker!

WISE MAN 2: Then what's this dot here I keep getting closer to?
WISE MAN 1: The camel!
WISE MAN 2: Fine, but you don't have to yell. You're ruining the first Noel.


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