Treat and Trick


This comic may seem crueler to our female readers, but remember this is Mr. Mittens. He has no real conscience in the traditional sense. He is remorseless. He is a cat.

By the way, since it is Halloween, I think parents that don’t let their kids indulge themselves in candy this one night a year are a little wonky. Look, don’t let little Cindy or Billy eat chocolate for breakfast every morning of the year, but a little sugar one night a year isn’t likely to make them any slower, dumber, or fatter.

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: Hope you don't mind Mr. Mittens, but we found your bag of Halloween candy and had a treat.

AMANDA: Don't be mad we ate so much, but it was delicious!
MITTENS: Not a problem. I've been eating the candy in your purse for weeks.

AMANDA: There's no candy in my purse. There's birth control!
MITTENS: And there's my trick.


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