Truth Circles


The logical outcome of the feel-good, self-help craze is that one day we’ll all be alone in our own little private cubby holes just repeating mantras incessantly to ourselves.  It’ll sort of be like returning to the womb, with no outside worries or concerns.  I, for one, welcome this day.

You can say lots of dirty things with few consequences if you have an alibi.  The Truth Circle is ours.

↓ Transcript
FEMALE: I was asked to lead these "Truth Circles" so that students could express themselves openly about issues they're facing on campus. So, who has an issue they want to talk about?

BILLY: You know what bugs me? When I'm walking home at night from a party and some girl is ahead of me and keeps looking back over her shoulder like I'm some sort of rapist. Like I'm going to attack her at any moment! Like I'm a monster just waiting to be unleashed!

MEGAN: Circle jerk.


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