Two Ice Creams


Yes, it is sort of trite to complain about wait staff at restaurants.  Lord knows they take enough flack from rude customers.  But we’re trite people, if you hadn’t noticed from reading this comic.

This is somewhat inspired by a recent New York Times piece giving fifty directives to waiters.  That in turn reminded me of several personal incidents where I couldn’t get a waiter to shut up long enough to listen to me order.  And you, dear reader, are all the richer for it.

↓ Transcript
WAITRESS: So you'd like two ice creams?

BEARD: Tofu ice cream! I'm lactose intolerant.
WAITRESS: So two ice creams because you're intolerant of those with toe mutilations?

KLOWNUS: Ring ring ring! A clue is calling for you.
WAITRESS: That guy calls me everywhere I go. I wish that weirdo would stop! I'm on the do not call list!


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