Vampire High Musical


When did vampires suddenly become the coolest kids in the monster club?  One supposes they’ve always had a certain allure about them, but recent multimedia hits like Twilight and True Blood have put them so far out of reach of the mummies and sea beasts of the world that it must be mildly disheartening.

Once any pop culture phenomenon hits a certain plateau you begin to see the cross-genre cash-ins.  So, when can we expect musical vampires (other than on Buffy)?  Any day now.

↓ Transcript
TV: Tonight, the premiere of the all new original drama Vampire High Musical.

GIRL: What is to be done with a girl like me, innocent as an adult playing a teen can be.
VAMPIRE: Look into my eyes and you shall see, years of acting school paying off in brooding,

GIRL: Someone's grabbing rough a hold of me, potentially a conflicting beau could it be?
VAMPIRE 2: Wait, what? Is this that singing vampire show? Damn it, I'm going to fire that agent of mine! I was supposed to be on the vampire cooking show!


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