Vampire, Zombie, and Catfish


I actually find catfish a lot scarier than zombies. Zombies (the real ones) tend to just stagger about, and if you’re in decent shape you can simply outrun them. A catfish, however, has no business walking around on ground. How does he do that? If he can walk around on dry ground (like the one in this comic), what’s to keep him from flying or something else? Trust me, they’re a much bigger threat to you than zombies.

↓ Transcript
Pastor: Rick, your one job for "Judgmental House" was to make this room scary. And you give me a vampire, zombie, and...catfish?

Rick: Is the problem that the vampire is female? It's the 21st century, and the church should be open to expanded roles for women. No longer should they be confined to nurseries caring for kids!

Pastor: The catfish is the issue. How is that scary?
Rick: Cats eat fish. He's a cannibal.


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