Video Codec Horrors


What amazes me to this day is that no matter how prepared I might think I am, there is always some bizarre codec I come across that simply won’t work with the preinstalled codecs of most editing programs. You would think this field would have standardized much more in the last 15 years, but while it has some, it doesn’t appear to be fully yet.

↓ Transcript
BILLY: Why is it every time I go to use a video, it's in some random video codec I've never heard of before?

BILLY: What idiot is creating all these new variants? Who needs them? Give me like three, and then forget the rest. Why is all music basically in MP3, but there's at least a thousand video codecs?

RICK: Can you convert this for me? It's in Real Media format.
BILLY: You're dead to me!


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