Video Games Versus Shoes


There’s a saying that everyone wastes their money differently, and there’s a great deal of truth to it. What’s funny is how angry it makes some people how others choose to waste their money. I’m not a huge shoe shopper, but are fancy shoes any more silly than video games? I don’t think so, even though I love video games and can’t imagine spending too much on shoes (having something in alligator leather just doesn’t matter to me).

Now, spending money on fancy cupcakes? That’s stupid.

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: Why are you looking at $200 shoes? That's a ridiculous amount to spend on shoes!
AMANDA: You paid over that for your Xbox.

JIMMY: Yeah, but an Xbox is practical. I get countless hours of fun out of it!
AMANDA: How are shoes not practical? I wear shoes more often than you play Xbox.

JIMMY: But you have to buy multiple pairs to go with all your different outfits. I just need one Xbox.
AMANDA: Sure, but you need lots of different games to keep from getting bored.

JIMMY: True, though you could buy a lot cheaper shoes.
AMANDA: I'm sorry, but did you play every PlayStation 2 game already?

JIMMY: It's a lot easier to make fun of you behind your back.
AMANDA: Oh, by all means. Let me turn around so you're not stifled! Better?

JIMMY: Much! Oh cool, you can preorder the Wii U!
AMANDA: Ugh, another video game?


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