Walmarts Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down


First off, we don’t hate Walmart. I know some people do for either political, economic, or purely snobbish reasons. While they are flawed, so are a lot of other companies, and I wouldn’t claim to know enough truly about how they operate to judge (unless someone has direct evidence of puppy drowning).

Second, having said that, Walmarts tend to vary greatly in quality. Some are clean, neat places to shop in. Some are like wandering into post-apocalyptic wastelands. It’s your own risk to step inside.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: Did you see Walmart's caught in a Mexican bribery scandal?

BEARD: That seems wasteful of their money. Walmart should really save its money to spend on itself.
HOBO: Why do you say that?

BEARD: Have you been to the Walmart on the south side of town? That place looks like a heroine addict strung out on meth!


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